Company profile

ELEKTROTIM undertakes to perform diverse tasks.

It carries out projects which, depending on the needs, are based on ready-made solutions or require customized elements.


 The company offers the following product groups:

  • electrical systems and networks,
  • project management,
  • electrical switchgears,
  • industrial automation,
  • power engineering automation,
  • traffic engineering,
  • low-current systems,
  • building and execution projects,
  • mechanical systems,
  • traffic and street lights service,
  • electricity and automation service.

Mission statement:

“We safely deliver significant value to our customers"

We are close to Customers. Their needs and expectations are the basis of our ideas and determine the directions of our development. The high quality of our products, comprehensive execution, reliability, professionalism, punctuality and flexibility in contacts with the Customers guarantee meeting all their requirements and expectations.