13.11.1998 - The instrument of incorporation is signed, ELEKTROTIM S.A. Is founded

01.01.1999 - ELEKTROTIM S.A. commences its activity

15.11.1999 - The Automation Plant is set up

2001 - 2002 - "The company is restructured"

01.01.2005 - The Project Management Department is set up

01.02.2005 - The Low-current Systems Plant is set up

01.11.2005 - The organizational structure within the Sales Department is developed: sales offices of ELEKTROTIM S.A. In Warsaw                            and Gliwice are set up

01.01.2006 - The Mechanical Systems Plant is set up

01.01.2006 - The Automation Plants are set up: Environmental Engineering and Power Engineering Automation Plant

11.04.2007 - Debut on The Warsaw Stock Exchange 30.04.2007 - Purchase of 100% of Shares of PROCOM System S.A.

11.01.2008 - Purchase of 100% of Shares of INFRABUD Sp. z o.o.

24.01.2008 - Purchase of 100% of Shares of ELEKTROMONT-BETA Sp. z o.o.

08.10.2010 - Purchase of 51,28% of Shares of Mawilux Ltd.

27.04.2012 - Sale of 100% of Shares of INFRABUD Sp. z o.o.

23.05.2012 - Purchase of 23,08% of Shares of Mawilux S.A.

18.07.2012 & 22.08.2012 - Purchase of 90,46% Shares of ZEUS S.A.

29.10.2013 - disposing 100% shares of ELEKTROMONT-BETA S.A.

06.10.2015 - purchasing 66.67% shares of ELTRAKO Sp. z o.o.

18.07.2016 - purchasing the remaining block of shares of MAWILUX S.A., ELEKTROTIM S.A. becomes the owner of 100% shares of                            MAWILUX S.A.

11.01.2017 - purchasing 82% shares of ENAMOR SYSTEM Sp. z o.o., judgement of the District Court regarding the change of name of                        the company to OSTOYA-DataSystem Sp. z o.o.

30.01.2018  - passing a resolution by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Companies regarding the merger of                                 MAWILUX S.A. and ELEKTROTIM S.A.

28.02.2018 - merger of MAWILUX S.A. and ELEKTROTIM S.A. and deleting MAWILUX S.A. from the register of entrepreneurs. Activity                        of MAWILUX S.A. is continued in ELEKTROTIM S.A. as part of the Special Division in the Airport System Department

02.01.2019 - merger of ELEKTROTIM S.A. and Eltrako Sp. z o.o. Activity of Eltrako Sp. z o.o. is continued in ELEKTROTIM S.A. as part                         of the Distribution Division in the Network Department in Gliwice

12.12.2022 - sale of all owned by ELEKTROTIM S.A. shares in the subsidiary PROCOM SYSTEM S.A.