ELEKTROTIM S.A. purchased 69.53% stocks of ZEUS S.A.

The purchased stocks ar of the following value: PLN 1.00 (say: one PLN) each and constitute 69.53% of share in the share capital of ZEUS S.A. The Board of ELEKTROTIM S.A. finds this transaction to be a long-term investment.



ZEUS Spółka Akcyjna [joint-stock company] was establish in 1991 in Gdańsk. Currently, the Company's seat is located in Pruszcz Gdański, ul. Obrońców Westerplatte 1.

The Company provides building services (designing, building, and maintenance) in the electrical power and electroinstallation sector.

Main products offered by ZEUS S.A. are:    

1.  HV, MV, and LV wire and overhead power lines,

2.   Main power supply stations, supply stations, and transformer stations,

3.   Indoor installations,

4.   Tram and rail contact lines,

5.   Telecommunication lines and distribution frames,

6.   Safety systems (Intrusion Detection System, fire alarm signalling system (SAP), CCTV, access control system (KD), and audio alarm system (DSO)),

7.   Integration of safety systems.

ZEUS S.A. sells its products in the following sectors:

  1. Energy (Transmission System Operator, Distribution System Operator),
  2. Railways,
  3. Telecommunication,
  4. Army,
  5. Aviation.